Hi! My name is Diego, founder of cityinaweek.com and passionate traveler!

Since 2014 I've been visiting the most important cities of the world in order to describe my travel experience to all those who want to follow me in my adventures that have brought me so far in 14 major capitals, given me the opportunity to visit almost 100 museums and art galleries, strolling in over 50 parks and eating in more than 200 restaurants, but also to jump on and off buses and subways for about 500 times, passing around 200 days far from home with a 10kg backpack on my shoulders. Along the way I've met about 40,000 people, talked with a few hundred, but above all I made a dozen of new friends which I will hold dear in my heart together with these beautiful cities.

The cityinaweek Moscow experience
Welcome to the seventh destination of cityinaweek!

You're about to discover one of the destinations of my journey at the discovery of the most popular cities in the world: Moscow, the capital of Russia, as well as the seat of the most important historical buildings of the country which attracts an increasing number of visitors every year.

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This metropolis was my first destination after publishing online the project in 2016, with the aim of attracting more and more visitors to the itineraries of cityinaweek. I went to Moscow with the intention to go to St. Petersburg immediately after, taking the opportunity to visit the two most important cities of the country.

So let's focus on these two fantastic cities that last year hosted part of the FIFA 2018 world championship and also for this reason attracted many tourists from all over the world.

Moscow, born as a small village repeatedly invaded by the Mongols and other nations, today is one of the biggest cities in the world with over 17 million inhabitants, of which 12 million in its urban center, and consequently is considered as one of the biggest megacities in the world. It's also interesting to know that among all the world's metropolises, Moscow boasts the record of being the coldest and the most northerly of longitude. But I don't want to digress, I'd prefer to tell you about my experience.

The idea of ​​this trip came to me in 2016, when I was deciding where to go for my long summer vacation. Having more than a month at my disposal, I thought, for the first time to dedicate much more time to visit these cities so that I could finally get better shots and the opportunity to review along the way some of the choices that turned out to be wrong. In fact I decided to follow a much more structured tour in order to give the reader the best experience ever. This approach then became the criterion of the project from now on. But maybe I'm digressing again...

Visiting Moscow in the summer is definitely the best moment to do it, obviously you won't be able to admire the snowy landscapes with which this city, and in general the whole region, is often associated, but I assure you that it has a great charm even in the hot season. However many people usually visit it in the wintertime, celebrating New Year's Eve in the Red Square is very popular, but considering that from November to February the temperatures here almost never rise above the zero, honestly it's not an experience that I recommend if your intent is to wander around the city exploring as much as possible. On the other hand, I have to admit that the summer months are also the wettest ones, so you could happen to find particularly humid days and not very favorable for your tour.

So here we are... In the following pages you can read in detail my travel experience in Moscow: monuments to see, museums to visit, unmissable views, restaurants to try... All completed by my photos, some personal considerations, historical notes, reference prices and a direct link to view them on an interactive map always at your fingertips, on your smartphone. All planned to free you from the hassel of hours of online research, easily customizable according to your style of travel and completing the box with your Base Camp or better with the name of the hotel or the address of the apartment where you're staying.

I'd say that it's all... So let's get going!

This travel guide is based on our visit in Moscow dated back to August 2016.
A special thanks to Marina N. and Irina N. for the precious help and friendship.

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